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Welcome to 22th (2021 Spring) The Exhibition of Lijia International Machinery. To avoid queuing time on site and get the visitor badge easily, please use our Online Registration System to submit your personal information. After registration online, a unique pre-registration ID and a barcode will be sent to both your email and mobile. Print it out and take it to the show site to exchange for the formal visitor badge.

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1. Nature of the enterprise
Manufacturing Export operations (distribution, agency, trade)
2. Industry
Automobiles and motorcycles (parts ...) Household appliances
Machine manufacturing (machine tools, general parts ...)
Manufacturing of railways, ships, agricultural machinery, etc. Aerospace
Electronics, electrical, electricity Office supplies, toys, daily necessities
Medical supplies, optical products Rubber, plastic, packaging, printing
Mould, mould products and processing Communication, IT, OA Port ship
Instrument National Defense Military Industry Light industry machinery
Universities and research institutes Government department Others
3. The main purpose of your visit to purchase equipment
Business General contact Negotiation project
Learn about new products Collect information Others
4. Through what channels to understand the exhibition information
Newspaper Broadcast TV Message
WeChat Weibo Tremolo Communicate Others